This integrated recorder is as compact and simple to use as we could possibly make. Fitted into a standard Solid State square control panel, using intuitive and logical controls, the RFM Organ Recorder operates like a portable music player.

Its small control panel means that there can be less clutter at the console. It is also available with an iPod based wireless remote and as part of the Organist Palette.

Freed from the constraints of a MIDI recorder the engineers at Solid State have created a high speed recording system that captures the organ performance exactly in the finest detail,capturing the data stream from the MultiSystem at native speed and recording it to internal memory. High sampling rates ensure precise playback of the performance including registration changes and expression. Performance files may be exported as MIDI files to a USB, edited and renamed on a computer, then reloaded to the Recorder or read directly from the USB stick. The recorder will show the new filename on the integrated display. The recorder will also play other MIDI files from the USB stick, although they will have to manually registered. As always the recorder is available as an upgrade to the thousands of MultiSystems we have built. If you are wondering if this will be available for your organ, please ask. We are always happy to help.

Internal media:
2GB SD card capable of storing 100 performances of virtually unlimited length.

External media:
USB capable of storing a further 100 performances of virtually unlimited length on each stick.

File format:
MIDI direct record, data rate not affected by MIDI cable constraints

MultiSystem I via propriety MultiSystem PODI cable. MultiSystem II via Ethernet. Power requirements: 12 to 32V DC organ current total consumption less than 1A.
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