Intuitive Touch Control

For years organ builders have searched for the optimum balance between the conflicting demands to provide intuitive and powerful controls for the console and a tasteful space to present them. Here at Solid State we have been working for several years with our partners to create a no-compromise flexible addition to the organ that can be instantly understood by a visiting recitalist.

Flexibility of an app

The Organist Palette is not intended to replace the basic controls on the console, in fact we have listened to recitalists concerns about dropping the iPad on the floor just before the concert. It will always be possible to play the organ, recall the sequence settings and go ahead with the performance with just the regular memory control panel and pistons. But for setting up, rehearsals and just plain ease of use the iPad gives a large and intuitive work surface. The screen above shows the piston sequencer edit controller, no dialing up displays and scrolling through menus, just pick it up and go.