Caplite Features

The capture system that's painless to install, program and pay for. CapLite offers the scope of a custom made capture system with savings in cost, time and space. CapLite is built with the same high performance components used in our flagship systems.

The simplicity of CapLite

CapLite comes pre-packaged in two sizes, 64 and 96 stops. They are the same size but we miss off a row of cards to save you money.

  • 64 or 96 Stop options
  • 10 or 100 memory levels
  • Installer configurable to any specification
  • Built in leds for fault finding
  • Easy tracing of wiring errors
  • All in one unit, built in Krone connectors
  • Remote box to connect the display
  • Built to exceed NEC code with fused outputs on every circuit


  • Case dimensions 631 x 240 x 65 mm 24.8 x 9.5 x 2.53 Inches
  • Add additional 33mm 1.3" to length for power connector
  • Processor Dimensions 160 x 156 x 32 mm 6.3 x 6.1 x 1.3 Inches

Communication between the main case and the processor is by CAT5 100BaseT Ethernet cabling. Displays are now based on USB technology and plug into the processor case allowing remote displays of up to 300ft from the main system.


Solid State pioneered the use of punch blocks in organ building, however we selected a high performance connector developed by a German manufacturer called Krone that has been in use in the European telecoms industry for 80 years and more recently was adopted for internet connections in large office buildings around the world. It has been used by us in organ building since 1991.


MultiSystem operates between 12 to 36-volt as standard. The system itself uses less than 1 Amp to operate, however care must be taken in providing adequate current to switch the organ loads. Connection is via 85A terminals on the case.

Outputs -

Output modules provide 32 outputs per card. They are provided with Krone connectors to punch the wires directly to them avoiding an extra connector and hence increasing reliability. The card has built in suppression. Each card may be unplugged for service without disturbing the wiring. Outputs are fused to conform with NEC specifications as is all internal wiring.

  • Negative Output - 0.75A maximum rated. Equivalent to 16 Ohms at 12V or 32 Ohms at 24V.
  • Positive Output - 0.1A maximum rated. Equivalent to 120 Ohms at 12V or 240 Ohms at 24V.
  • Optional Heavy Duty Positive Output - 1.4A maximum rated. Equiv to 9 Ohms at 12V or 18 Ohms at 24V.

Inputs -

Positive Input - A high resistance input with built in surge protection and debouncing for dirty key contacts. The module loads the contact by less than 10mA and will accept inputs from 10 to 36V.

CapLite Drawings CapLite

CapLite Drawings CapLite Processor

CapLite Drawings CapLite Keyslip Display

CapLite Photos CapLite with Processor

How do I program the CapLite?

  • There is an input on the pinboard called Scope which when switched on enables you to set the "scope" of the pistons" there is also a master setup called commisioning mode which sets up the whole system.