MultiSystem II

MultiSystem II is the core of Solid State's organ control. It is a versatile modular system that is used for the smallest practice organ and largest concert hall. The system is easily adapted to your needs by choosing the modules you need and then customising them with software we provide to configure them for your project.

A MultiSystem reads the keys, stops and expression from the console and routes them to the correct chest drivers to play the organ. We have invested countless hours in precision crafting a custom processor which only knows one thing: how to move organ data from a console to a chest in the shortest possible time. By using a modular system we can assemble a group of specialist processors, each good at their specific task. Because of this the new MultiSystem transmits your performance to the instrument with crystal clear clarity, never adding to or subtracting from the original.


CFM is a fully featured capture system that uses MultiSystem as its connection to the organ.

Using Multi-System wiring already in the organ, CFM connects instantly without interfaces, links, tears or rages. Compact and hassle-free, instantly recognised by MultiSystems with pretty much any amount of memory you choose. A Library system with virtually unlimited levels shared between multiple organists. All fitted now or upgradeable later, One unit sets 1000+ stops and four crescendo settings. Memories can be shared by more than one console. Connectible with Krone connectors or ordinary pins. As CFM uses the stop inputs already connected to the organ's MultiSystem, the only things left to wire are on/off coil inputs and piston inputs. Fitted on the same wiring plane, they can be neatly tucked away. From then on, CFM is set up like any SSOS capture system. All aided by regular checks and tell-tale LEDs.

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