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We are assembling questions that are frequently asked with, hopefully, some helpful answers on the page. We also have manuals for download both on our manuals page and on the specific product page. If you think we can help please email or call us using the information on the contact pages.

Questions about features

Can I copy pistons settings from one memory level to another?

Not on every system, but if you have small square black panels one of them could have a copy button. if so go to the level you wish to copy and while holding in the setter press copy. Now navigate to the new memory and while holding set press copy again. This feature can be added to most of our systems.

Can I turn the crescendo pedal off?
On system with software released in the past ten years press the crescendo selector (STD, A, B,C) that is lit and it will go off. Press it again to resume crescendo control. Some consoles are also fitted with a crecsend off control.
can I scope pistons in different ways on different memory levels?
Yes, with the CFM system although the console may not be fitted with a scope piston. Sometimes there is a switch available to do this. Consolt with your builder and also see the manual for details which is available as a download

Installation Questions

Is there heavy-duty Ethernet connection hardware that you can recommend?

Neutrik manufacture the industry standard heavy duty connector called Ethercon which is based around their XLR microphone system. Ethercon We hold stocks of these and the manual refers to them. The great thing is you can have an option with a Krone connector on the back for the wall connector which makes it easy to connect to. The are a few companies that make ready made datatuff cable with Ethercons on the end in various lengths.