MUCAP Features

The Solid State MultiLevel Capture system, or MUCAP as it is often called, is the industry standard of pipe organ capture/combination systems. First introduced in 1984, it is found in every type of organ console all over the world. As always, when we design a system we expect it to have a very long life and also to be able to add to the basic system over time as new technology becomes available.


When MUCAP was created, 8 memory levels was a huge step. Now the same system can be upgraded to almost unlimited storage and use modern convenience technologies such as iPad control screens. Today we offer the MUCAP and the CFM, which can be integrated into the relay system for less space and easier wiring. If you already have a MUCAP, this page shows the new options that are available to you to extend your investment without paying someone to rewire the console. If you are considering a new console, then maybe the CFM may be a better fit.