32 Way Krone Block

Your chance to be the fastest wirer in the West! Pinboards and solder joints may look professional but think of the time they take. Think, too, of crouching in corners with a hot iron. Next time, think about Solid State’s 32-way Krone block. Instead of cutting wires to length, stripping wire-ends, wrapping them onto pins and soldering away, just lay the wires into Krone Blocks and punch them in with the special tool.

The Krone IDC connector is a well proven product that has been in use in the Telecom industry for decades. Wires can be inserted and removed from Termination Blocks up to one hundred times without damage. So, feel free to test a chest or system on the bench, re-connect it on site and re-route its wiring at will.

  • Speeds up wiring by up to 20 times compared to soldering
  • Proven in corrosive and salt-laden air
  • Temporary wiring in your shop for testing
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Good for Cat5 data cable