Armed with chips diodes and circuit boards, man can perform miracles

True. But it’s also why some commercial organ systems are too clever for their own good. Many take precious days to install or a physics degree to operate.

At Solid State, we just want organs and organists to perform brilliantly with no sweat or head-scratching. We don’t develop products just because we can. Every control system, capture system, power supply and accessory is designed around what you’ve talked about or asked for.

This year we are proud to follow that tradition by introducing the world's first wireless touchscreen controled organ control system. We call it The Organist Palette, designed by organists for organists with no need to chop up the console to fit it.

Our products are arranged in the pulldown menus above, we have made it simple by avoiding brand names and grouped the products by the descriptions you use like "Switching Systems" and "Capture Systems" and of course please 'phone or email us if you just want to ask.

An overview of our products in available for download:

SSOS Product Guide UK

SSOS Product Guide USA