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Every one of Solid State's products comes with a complete set of instructions.

Theyʼre written in plain, jargon-free English to save frustration, uncouth language and installation time.

Our Organ Systems manuals are arranged by Installation and Operation. If you are an organist please take a look at the latest operation manuals as we may have updated them since the organ was installed.

Please contact us if you need a printed copy. We also have individual wiring information for each organ which is available on request.

Installation Manuals


CF852 Reverser Unit

CF890 Piston Relay

CFM 10 (old Capture for MultiSystem) 

CFM 25 (old Capture for MultiSystem) 

CFM 40-300 (old Capture for MultiSystem)

CFM II (new Capture for MultiSystemII)

Clock and Transposer

Diode Coupler 

Direct Connect 

Fixed Crescendo System 

How to Change an EPROM 


MFM (Midi for MultiSystem) 

MFM II (Midi for MultiSystem II) 

MLC-02 (MultiLevel Capture) 

MLC-08 (MultiLevel Capture) 

MultiLevel Capture Format A (8 level) 

MultiLevel Capture Format B,C and D (8-256 levels) 


MultiSystem II

Pedal Contact Assembly

Total Recall 

VCR Based Performance Recorder

Operation Manuals

CFM 10 (Capture for MultiSystem) 

CFMII 10 (Capture for MultiSystem II) 

CFM 25 (Capture for MultiSystem) 

CFM 300 (Capture for MultiSystem) 

CFMII (Capture for MultiSystem II) 

Clock and Transposer

Independent Sequencer for MultiLevel Capture(Console Composer) 

MDF-3 (MIDI Data Filer) 

MFM (Midi for MultiSystem) 

MFM-D (MIDI for MultiSystem) 

MFM II (Midi for MultiSystem II) 

MLC-02 (MultiLevel Capture) 

MLC-02 with scope (MultiLevel Capture) 

MLC-08 (MultiLevel Capture) 

MLC-08 with scope (MultiLevel Capture) 

Multi Level Capture System 

Recorder for MultiSystem 1

Organist Palette

Total Recall for CFM

Total Recall for (Multilevel Capture)